Watercolor Christmas Creator Pack #1 443292

PSD | 788 MB
I acquaint to you lot this big pack of Christmas decorations. It’s Christmas creator, all the elements of which are made amongst watercolors on newspaper in addition to and thus transferred to a raster format.
I got to a greater extent than than xv designs, when I was playing amongst the Christmas ornaments creator. And this is non the limit. In addition, you lot tin add together to layers amongst smart object your ain elements, such every bit other Christmas balls. This is exciting!

So that you lot tin create:
Christmas wreaths. The options are many.
Christmas borders
Holiday frame
Christmas balls. Included balls hanging on tapes that you lot tin decorate every bit you lot like. Inside the file amongst smart objects.
Gift box in addition to decorative elements. The pattern of the box in addition to the elements changed using smart objects.